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This Policy is a binding part of the FLSA Policy applicable to use of the Services and the Platform. Please read this Policy carefully. You may not use the Platform or Services if you do not agree to this Policy.

Please be informed that before clicking “Request Booking” button all Prices and Fees will be displayed on the screen. Once the Booking is accepted Cancellation & Refund Policy

Applies. When the Booking Request is accepted by the Host, the Filmmaker will be charged the full amount of Total Price. If the booking was updated, such as an extended amount of hours for a Shoot, the additional charges will be applied accordingly. Please read carefully about FLSA before using our Platform.

Booking Price. The rate that is charged by the Host (Property Owner/Property Manager) for usage of a Location for filming or photography purposes. This price is usually based on a daily rate (up to 12 hours) but may also include a half-day rate (up to 6 hours) which is solely decided by the Host.

Filming Locations Fees. Fees paid to Filming Locations for usage of our Services and Platform to insure high-quality experience for Hosts and Filmmakers. Filming Locations Fees are 15% of the Total amount of Booking Price which is charged to a Filmmaker only.

Location Scout Fees. Fees charged by Filming Locations for Location pre-visit “Location Scout”. It is a flat fee rate that equals AED 499 per Location. It’s up to a Filmmaker to decide whether they want to book a Location with or without a Location Scout,

Taxes Fees. Value Added Taxes (VAT) is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services levied at each point of sale which equals 5% in UAE. Where applicable, VAT is applied on Filming Locations’ Services.

Additional Fees. Filming Locations may but is not obliged to charge Filmmakers Additional Fees through a method linked to their Account when we have been notified of any overtime charges or overcapacity of the Film Crew.

a. Overtime Fees. This may apply if the Shoot at the Location exceeds the agreed time. Overtime Fees are calculated hourly (on the basis of the daily rate divided by 12 hours) and incur Filming Locations Fees.

b. Oversized Film Crew. The Host may apply for an oversized Film Crew. This option can be paid separately by writing to Contact Us 

c. Deposit. Host may require the Filmmaker to provide a Deposit (in cash or by cheque) before entering the Location on the day of the Shoot, to be held by Host and offset against any damages to the Location or personal belongings. Such Deposit shall be mentioned by the Host in the Listing and the Filmmakers agrees that the Host shall be entitled to offset the Deposit against damages to Location or personal belongings as a result of acts or omission of Filmmaker or Film Crew. Filming Locations does not take any responsibility for handling, keeping, or returning deposit and does not appear in this case as a third party.

Filming Locations as well as the Host reserve the right to deduct the necessary amount for the overtime, oversized crew, or any additional fees from the security deposit cheque that was provided by Filmmaker. If the additinal payment wasn’t provided by Filmmaker within 24 hours after the shoot the Host has the right to deduct the final amount that includes Filming Locations’ Service Fees from the security deposit cheque.


All Fees that occur for the Cancellation can be found at Cancellation & Refund Policy.