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We Do?

We connect passionate filmmakers, whether freelancers, production companies or agencies, with their ideal film location. We help make the hunt for locations easier using a platform designed especially for the creative community. We know how important it is to balance the creative and the practical, to find the right space at the right cost, with minimal fuss and maximum benefits for both filmmakers and hosts.


As a host, the opportunities to make the most of your space, whether home, office or studio, as a film location are potentially limitless. Filmmakers and photographers are always on the look-out for both the ordinary and extraordinary location, so every space has its own merits. Since the platform is designed specifically for creatives, we recommend you include some important elements to your listing that you may not initially think about.

How Does
It Work?

Start by choosing your city, date(s) and the type of space you’re looking for. From there, you’ll see all available listings that match your search and from there, you can dive deeper into the details. Please be aware, full responsibility for acquiring the necessary permits and insurance for filming purposes lies solely with the filmmaker. By using this platform, you declare your acceptance of this responsibility and acknowledge the platform cannot be held liable for any such issue.